How to Find the Right Interior Design Style for Your Home

Have you seen a house and thought that every element—the furniture, the accessories, the paint color—all looked perfect together? An interior design style can be beautiful and cohesive, but not every style will be right for you. Knowing what styles match your personality and lifestyle will help you create a comfortable living space with the right interior design. Here are a few things to take into consideration when you’re ready to upgrade your home design style.


Eliminate What You Don’t Like

It can often be challenging to identify exactly what interior styles you prefer. But have you ever considered what it is you don’t like? This can come in handy when you’re thinking about buying furniture or choosing a new color for your walls. A green velvet couch might look great on a carefully curated staging floor, but when you take it home, you might realize that the piece clashes with everything else in the room. Keeping a mental list of objects, colors, and textures that you feel dispassionate about can help you narrow down your options to one or a few design choices that you will enjoy for years to come. 


Consider the Architecture of Your House

From craftsman to mid-century modern and everything in between, homes come in all shapes and sizes—just like interior design styles. When this is the case, we recommended searching for the elements of your home’s architecture that you love, maybe it’s the brick walls or the intricate pattern on the baseboards, and highlight those favorite elements by incorporating similar design components


Fitting Your Lifestyle 

While decorative vases might be part of your dream design, they might prove to be more inconvenient than they’re worth. Professional interior designers know that a room’s design is only successful if the room can still be used and enjoyed as intended, not roped off like a museum exhibit. You should factor the fundamental aspects of your life into your home’s design. Find pieces that suit your personality while remaining functional in your everyday life.


How to Interior Design to Match Your Personality 

If you’re still looking for answers to your interior design questions, a good place to start is by looking at what you already have. Walk through your home and diligently look at everything you see. What jumps out at you? What attracts you? Make a list of all these objects and see what commonalities you can find. You might discover that you have a preference for luxury interior design by observing that all of your favorite fabrics are elegant with silky textures. Keep your list and use it to guide future purchases and design choices.


At the end of the day, your home should feel like a comfortable reflection of yourself. At Kern & Co., we can show you how design can perfectly match your living space and lifestyle together. 

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