How Fashion Influences Interior Design

How Does Fashion Affect Interior Design?

It should be no surprise that fashion and interior design have a lot in common. Rooted in art, beauty, and aesthetics, they can take on many approaches: one that makes a statement, one that exudes more of a classic vibe, or even one that introduces something entirely new to the audience. 

Just like the fashion we wear on our bodies, interior design is an entirely personal matter. It can ebb and flow, evolving with the times and trends, or become a standard that follows an individual from one home to the next.

As luxury home interior designers, we love working with consumers to bring their preferences, interests, and personalities to life. Part of the job is following current trends, which we often see as a reflection of the fashion industry. And it’s no surprise: both industries share the foundation of colors, fabrics, and mixing elements together to create a beautiful style. 

We’ve seen this influence time and time again, trickling down from the high-fashion world to department stores and beyond. Well-known events, like the infamous New York Fashion Week and the glamorous Met Gala, set the stage for what’s to come in both consumer fashion and interior design.

Keep reading as we explore some of the main ways that fashion and luxury home interior design intersect.


Forever the Classics

Just like the little black dress will never go out of style, there are certain “classic fashions” of the interior design world that will stick around forever.

Timeless interior design ideas include: 

  • Crown molding (always “in” and can add resale value to your home)
  • Neutral, soothing paint colors in bedrooms and bathrooms, such as soothing grays and soft blues
  • Mixing formal with casual
  • Luxurious full-length window treatments
  • White kitchens (and otherwise streamlined cabinetry and fixtures)
  • Timeless Carrara marble, specifically in bathrooms to create a striking look


Making a Statement

On the other side of the spectrum is using your interior design style to stand out and make a statement! 

Ideas for statement pieces in interior design include:



Mixing it Up

In the fashion world, “street style” refers to the mixing and combining of styles, rather than just focusing on current trends. You can do the same in your home, mixing styles to create a look that shows off your personality. 

Unique patterns usually run the runways, and this can be easy to do with your interior design style. The perfect patterned area rug or a beautifully wallpapered accent wall are just a few ways to pull together a room. Select complementary colors that you love, and don’t be afraid to select bold statement pieces.

Other mix-and-match interior design ideas include:

  • Fabrics, such as a rich velvet sofa adorned with textured throw pillows for a cozy yet luxurious ambiance. 
  • Modern and contemporary brass fixtures, combined with a traditional dining table and transitional dining chairs..


Fashion in Your Home’s Interior Design

Another way that fashion and interior design intertwine is the trend of designers extending into home decor, linens, and even furniture. From Kate Spade kitchenware to Gucci furniture, it’s a show-stopping way to bring the best of the fashion world into your kitchen and living room interior design. Many of these lines have dedicated “Home” verticals to shop on their websites, and you can see the crossings of their color palettes and pattern choices across many of the items. 


We’re Here to Help

At Kern & Co, we want to help you turn your interior design dreams into reality, and show you how you can integrate beauty and even fashion into your home. Our services included luxury home interior design, architectural design, and interior decorating

A long-time resident of Rancho Santa Fe, our founder Susan Spath is passionate in her desire to realize a distinctive brand of luxurious living, bringing her touch to projects incorporating planning with our architectural designers, thoughtful bespoke cabinetry, and personalized interior design to deliver environments that exemplify contemporary living and interior design and deliver on the promise of a California luxury lifestyle.

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