The Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Interior Design

Modern and Contemporary Interior Design

The interior design world is constantly evolving in styles. From Classic European interiors to California Modern interiors, the design industry sees it all. Being an Interior Designer, it is your duty to guide your clients through the decision process of what style they are after. Some clients will know exactly what they want before they even start and others will want to explore the different styles and see what fits their lifestyle. Modern and contemporary design are often grouped together, however, there are distinctive characteristics that set them apart. Follow along as we dive into the history of and difference between Modern and Contemporary Interior Design.



Modern Interior Design

What comes to mind when you think of modern design? In modern interior design, less is more think simple, clean lines, minimalism and lots of open space. Modern Design started in the late 19th century when people started to want a different approach to life. It was originally intended to serve as a “fuss-free” lifestyle by simple living. To achieve the simple look that modern design is after, most interior designers focus on the use of industrial elements and materials in the home rather then the décor. The elements used are simple and create a clean look. Think clean lines, simplicity, and neutral color palettes.



Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary design started in the 20th century making it the predecessor of modern design. Taking the idea of modern design and evolving into a more inclusive style welcoming more than just industrial elements. Contemporary interior design refers to the present and is all about the now. Similar to modern interior design—as it too is focused on a fuss-free environment. However, contemporary interior design is full of details, bold elements and textures. Designers typically create a home with an open floor plan, tall ceilings, and odd shapes. A main focal point of the design is the use of materials and textures that draw your eye when trying to achieve a contemporary look. The elements and materials in the home should be the wow factor when designing contemporary interiors.



Exploring your options

Modern interior design and contemporary interior design have many similarities. Both are based on a minimalist approach to designing and styling. When deciding what style is right for you think about what you like. Do you like a simple and clean look or do you like a little flare in your life with bold details. Either style is fabulous and will leave your guest blown away. For more information, contact our design experts at Kern & Co. today!



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