Timeless Interior Design Styles vs. Outdated Home Décor Trends


Over the last year, we have seen styles come and go, some sticking around to inspire new trends. From all-white interiors to outgoing colors, patterns, and textures 2020 has really seen it all. Due to increased time spent at home, everyone is making an effort to get the most out of their home. With the needs of our homes evolving to accommodate new lifestyles its imperative to choose a style that compliments your day to day activities. With the amount of styles out there, how do you choose a home design that will be timeless? Kern & Co. is here to help weed out any outdated home décor trends to create a lasting environment you and your family can thrive in.

Outdated Home Decor Trends

Its no secret interior design styles are continuously changing. Through 2020 we have seen once-popular décor styles and trends die out. The trendiest décor features tend to be the quickest to go.


Statement Walls

The trend of the year for interior design has been a statement wall. Typically the statement wall is covered in outgoing wall coverings with wild textures and colors. While we do love pops of color and patterns, this home décor trend is getting outdated. If you are leaning towards a statement wall pick an accent wallpaper that will be timeless. You can have an outgoing wall covering that is wild and fun but also timeless. Another way to add in the extra pop of color and pattern is with pillows, fabrics, artwork, unique furniture pieces, and rugs.


Matching Interior Furniture Sets

The next trend that is phasing out is matching interior furniture. These “Cookie cutter” collections are boring and fail to express personality. Instead of filling a room with predictable matching furniture sets try collecting pieces that compliment each other. Not only does it add an element of fresh design to the room it becomes a real eye-catcher creating conversation.



Lastly the interior design style we are seeing less and less of is minimalism. People need their homes to function as a sanctuary; a place you can relax, work, spend time with family, exercise, cook, dine, entertain and watch movies. The minimalist style is not able to accommodate all these aspects of day to day life. Continue reading to see what styles we see gaining popularity moving into 2021.



Popular and Timeless Home Design Trends


As some styles disappear others are gaining traction as we move into 2021. Emerging from the downfall of minimalism comes the rise of the maximalist style. Opposite from minimalism the maximalist style promotes bold colors, patterns, eclectic furniture, and a mix of various textures. Some people know the maximalist style to be cluttered and overwhelming, but when done right this style really shows off personality unique to the homeowners taste. Similar to other interior styles maximalist has changed over the years. The maximalist style initially was an, “In your face,” response to the minimalist style. Since then the maximalist style has calmed making it more expressive and less outlandish.



We absolutely love playing around with textures. Textures come in many forms from furniture to wallpaper, your options for textures are pretty much endless. A beautiful white shagreen coffee table paired with a lilac/grey velvet sofa, fur or embellished pillows and marble top end tables are stunning together. Each bringing a different texture creating conversation to fill the room. Another popular use for texture is in wallpaper, we are seeing an increase in powder baths being covered in textured paper.


Mixing Metals

Don’t be afraid to mix your metals! Having the same finish everywhere gets boring. Bring some extra attention to your home by mixing brass and nickel finishes. As long as you have a well-thought-out plan for where your metals will be going, mixing metals will cause no trouble. Have fun and forget about the rules, express yourself!

Make Your Home’s Design Timeless

We are ready to dive and explore new interior design trends to create a timeless environment in your home. Whether you’re looking to get inspired or get started, Kern & Co. is here to help make your interior design dreams and reality. Contact us today or find us at our Solana Beach showroom and design studio.

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