How Mixing and Matching Accessories Can Improve Your Home’s Interior Design

Have you ever walked into a home and felt like you were in an exact replica of the luxury furniture store in town? While it can be tempting to take cues from showrooms and Pinterest, the best interior design style should be uniquely you

Interior design is all about finding the balance in order to create your own vibe and personality, as well as transforming a room into a functional space that works for you and your family’s individual needs and interests. 

Interior design accessories are one of the easiest areas to mix and match styles, so it’s a great place to start. Keep reading as we explore some of the ways you can elevate your home using this technique. 


Interior Design Styles

When we talk about “styles” in luxury home interior design, you’ll hear us throw around words like contemporary, mid-century modern, and our favorite, California coastal.

Of course, even if you identify with one slightly more than another, don’t be afraid of mixing interior design styles! As long as you start with a unified (and limited) color palette, combining styles is a great way to showcase your personality. Another option is to choose a certain theme that continues throughout the room. If you are wanting to make a statement in your room try a bold wallpaper. If you choose to go with a bold wallpaper limit the number of walls it is on so it doesn’t overpower the space.  

Tip: throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to play around with style because you can play around without completely overpowering the room. 


Interior Design Colors

Colors are another fantastic element to play around with. Similar to our tip in the previous section, though, try to keep it to a limit. 

We love using the rule of threes: selecting three hues that are close or complementary and using those throughout the room. Identifying one as the primary color for the room, another as the secondary, and the last color an accent can also help as you pull everything together. And remember: try to keep your colors either in the warm or cool family.

Examples of colors that are close would be a warm turquoise, an ultramarine blue, and a sky blue. Examples of complementary colors are robin’s egg blue, a beautiful cobalt blue, and a bright orange (opposite to blue on the color wheel).

The kitchen and the bedroom are popular places to experiment with color, as they tend to be smaller rooms and there are lots of decor options and interior design accessories to choose from.


Item Sizes

Yet another way you can play with your interior design accessories is by mixing and matching the item sizes. We love a bold statement piece, which can act as the focal point of the room as well as pull double-duty if it serves a function. But you don’t want to overdo it with too many large items. 

When most people think of focal points of a room, they think of furniture, such as a colorful chair or a beautiful chandelier. But feel free to think outside the box: an oversized exotic plant or even architectural features like crown molding or columns might play the part.  

Once you’ve selected your statement piece, the rest of your decor and accessories should vary in sizes. 

Another thing to note is that if you’re trying to mix and match other elements, such as multiple chairs in a few different patterns, you do want those items to be similar sizes. Otherwise, it can look a little out of place. 

Lastly, always take a step back to preview the room and consider the scale of your items. That is, an oversized sofa will look out of place in a cramped room, in the same way that a small sofa will look awkward in a large room.


Old & New

We also love the mixing of old and new, from furniture to accessories and everything in between. A well-placed vintage find or items of sentimental value always have a place in our homes, and it’s these finishing touches that can really make the room shine. 

To make it work, you may need to play around to find the right balance. Tweaks are easy, If you love your old tuscan dining chairs but are looking to change to a more contemporary  style consider reupholstering your dining chairs in a light color.  For other furniture and decor, a new coat of paint, new knobs or pulls, or an updated wood stain can do wonders. 


Making it Work

Above all, don’t be afraid to be brave and bold, and play around until you find what works. Sometimes it can be hard to envision something in your head, but when you see it in action—viola! A stunning look and a luxury interior design aesthetic you love. With the right eye and a strategic approach to your design, it won’t take long to put your home together.

Ready to get started? we’re here to help. As the most recognized interior designer of San Diego, Susan and her team have an eye for timeless design that transcends trends. We focus on delivering quality, customized designs to every home that we approach with the best intention and attention to detail. 


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