How to Spruce up a Room With Accent Wallpaper

Spruce up a Room With Accent Wallpaper


Accent wallpaper is an effortless option to drastically enhance any powder room, dining room, and even a bedroom. With so many styles, textures, and colors to choose from, having some expert help never hurts. That’s why the designers here at Kern & Co. are here to assist with ideas — keep reading and we’ll teach you how to easily spruce up a room using accent wallpaper!

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Wallpaper Styles

Choosing a style is the first step in deciding what look you are hoping to achieve. From glam vinyl, natural grass weaves, to bold patterns there are many ways to achieve a desired look. When making changes to your home it is important to find the right look for you. To create a glamorous room we love paper with a little gold or silver accent to give a fabulous feel. If you are bold and want your home to emulate that, then go with a pattern or vibrant design wallpaper. Natural wood, grass weaves and other natural elements are a creative way to bring in texture and organic energy into your space. Adding substances that are natural and raw can add a warm inviting feel.



The sky is the limit! Of course, you want it to flow nicely so selecting a paper that will complement the look you already have is so vital. Thinking of a soft light color as the main palette with your furniture and textures will allow you to be as creative as you would like with pattern and color on your walls.

Make it your own and get creative.

Luckily with wallpaper, there are so many different accents and avenues to enrich your walls. What style of wallpaper are you going to choose?

To learn more about how to spruce up a room in your home, contact us today or browse our portfolios. Our expert interior designers are here to help you build your dream home!

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