Room of the Week: Functional Family Room

Functional Family Room Design Ideas

This week’s “Room of the Week” features a beautiful, yet functional, family room design. Retiring to a soft, but stimulating space makes life worth living! For those with an appetite for edginess, we design a feast for the senses. So, if you’re looking for functional, yet still beautiful, family room ideas, look no further than Kern & Co.

In a space dedicated to family time and leisure, functionality is key. Arranging furniture to encourage engagement is the foundation for a functional family room design. Textures, colors, accessories, and materials then enhance and personalize a purposeful space plan.


This functional family room exudes beauty and versatility. The chamcha wood coffee table provides natural alcoves for the little ones to nestle and play, while adults kick their feet up on plush ottomans. Sets of matching chairs are set facing each other, inspiring conversations to flow across the empty spaces. Everyone’s eyes gaze up to the antler chandelier adorned with beaded crystals. Intriguing throw pillows offset the neutral color palette. Zebra striped fabric, a golden horned antelope sculpture, and a few gilded stump side tables pay homage to the outdoors. A family room that encompasses natural elements in an elegant way- what a perfect environment to foster organic family bonding!


Design Your Beautiful and Functional Family Room

Whether you’re looking to get started right away, or simply looking for some inspiration, Kern & Co. is here to help make your dream home a reality! Contact us today and see how our expert interior design team can bring beauty and functionality into your home with ideas for the family room and beyond.

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