Transform Your Space With These 4 Simple Interior Design Tricks

How to Transform Your Living Room Space

There are many design elements that can be used to transform your living room space into something inviting and appealing. Maybe you’ve just moved into a new home, or simply want to give your existing living space a new look. Whatever it is, there are some simple interior design tips and tricks that you can use to revive and transform your living space.

Adding warmth to the space, softening the floor, or adding drama to a wall can make a world of a difference and make your living space come to life. Here are some simple, yet effective, living room design tips and tricks that can inspire your home transformation.

1. Lighten Up Your Color Palette

If your living space is a little too dark for your liking, add instant light with a lighter color palette. For instance, painting a room a lighter and fresher color can quickly brighten up your space.

Tuscan-style homes traditionally use much darker colors. Many new clients come to us commenting that they want to lighten up their home because they don’t like how dark their Tuscan home is and want to know how we can help. In these cases, we usually suggest replacing some of their current dark pieces with lighter pieces. In addition to painting, some other elements that can easily transform your home are rugs, pillows, and drapery. This exploration details how we suggest transforming a traditional Tuscan home with contemporary interior design.

2. Accessorize with Art Pieces

Impactful art pieces can jazz up a living space and make it a focal point. A living room wall can be your canvas to express yourself and show your sense of style. An oversized painting, for example, can be used to command attention in a large room, but even more so in a small room.
Dramatic artwork is great in a minimalist setting. A collection of art pieces can create a gallery wall that can showcase your personal flair. Keep the frames simple and cohesive or add variety, extending the gallery all the way to the ceiling to create the appearance of more space. Generally speaking, however, paintings or pictures should be hung low enough to connect visually.

3. Accentuate with Modern Chairs

Chairs serve well as accent pieces when doing low-end or high-end interior design makeovers. A chair with a strong profile or exquisite upholstery can take a space from zero to a thousand. The accent chair should be more than a fancy decorative piece, it should be functional. Ensure that the size of the accent chair is up to scale with the other furniture pieces and the aesthetics of the space.

4. Appreciate the Ottoman

One of the most underrated living room furniture pieces is an ottoman. However, it is a gem that can serve multiple purposes in a living space, from a footstool to a table. Available in a variety of luxurious fabric choices, an ottoman can be a crucial accessory piece that can make a subtle, yet effective impact.

Most notable interior designers know that an ottoman can be used to add a pop of color, create contrast, create a focal point, incorporate balance add elegance or create a timeless look. This staple can elevate the look of your living space if chosen wisely and placed with much thought.

Transform Your Living Room With Kern & Co.

Your living room can be more than just an ordinary space with the right design elements. These simple interior design tips and tricks can help you transform your home into the space you desire. Be creative and think about the entire space when designing. It’s just as much about what you add as it is about how you place it. If you aren’t up to the task alone, contact our interior design professionals at Kern & Co. to create a luxurious space that will brighten your life.

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