Ways to Transform Your Home: Drapery, Rugs, And Upholstery

Redoing an entire room or house takes a large budget.  Perhaps you are still in love with your high-end furniture but just want to change out a few pieces for a fresh feel.   Replacing the drapery, rugs, and upholstery can make a big difference.  



Window treatments are not only for practical purposes of managing incoming light and giving privacy.  Drapery offers the ability to transform a room with the addition of color or patterns.  For example, drapes that are hung higher than the window can make the room appear larger or they can be used to add color to an otherwise neutral room.  The general rule is that if your furniture is solid, you can go with a pattern for your drapes, but don’t be afraid to play with several patterns in a room.  Using the same color scheme on accent pieces in the room (lamps, pillows, etc.) will create color cohesion in the space.  

The style options of panels or valences might seem overwhelming as there are many fabric choices and textures.  Rich shades will add depth to a room while lighter colors and fabrics will make the space feel larger. Choosing the right material can add to the luxury interior design of your home.  



Rugs and runners can provide warmth to a room or add interest with a pattern or design.  They also help to tie the furniture in the room together. If your room currently does not have a rug, adding one will make the biggest design impact.  Make sure that the style of the rug matches the rest of the interior. It’s okay to mix styles, but the two should work together (for example, a modern rug complementing traditional pieces). 

Keep in mind where the rug or runners will be placed.  For high-traffic areas, rugs that are more durable might be the best choice.  Rugs that are going underneath furniture as an accent piece do not have to withstand heavy traffic.  



The fastest way to brighten up furniture is to reupholster it.   Upholstery is the work of providing furniture with padding, fabric, or leather covers.   The fabric on furniture can get dull and worn from use over time, but a high-quality furniture piece will last for years. Whether you want to preserve a heritage piece or you have a piece that you can’t find anywhere else, reupholstering is a way to give it a new life.

Like drapery and rugs, upholstery comes in many different textures and colors.  You can choose a neutral hue, a pattern, or a neutral fabric that has a bold trim.  Durable fabric is best for furniture that is used often, so consider how you use the piece every day.

Texture and fabric choice are key when changing drapery, rugs, and upholstery. An interior design company can help you get the look you want while still retaining some of the pieces you want.

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