The Difference Between Legacy Interior Design Firms and Freelancers

Interior design is the art and science of analyzing people’s behavior and preferences to create functional spaces within a building. As an art and a science, luxury interior design requires years of experience and practice to execute correctly. While freelance interior designers are becoming more common, relying on the expertise of a legacy interior design firm will ensure that you find the right interior design for your home



Legacy Interior Design Firm 

Legacy interior design firms are those with an extensive amount of experience and recognition within the industry. These firms specialize in providing high-end furnishings, leading brands, and designs that are catered to each and every client. They’re usually led by well-regarded industry professionals who are trained in the art of interior design. This personalized design experience can’t be duplicated and each client’s experience is different. Legacy interior design firms have the knowledge, resources, and expertise to create spaces designed to work with the client’s lifestyle. 


Kern and Co. is an example of a legacy interior design firm. As President of Kern & Company and Principal Designer of Susan Spath Interior Design, Susan Spath prevails as not only one of the best interior designers in San Diego but also one of the city’s flagship design and lifestyle professionals. 


By creating timeless interiors that transcend trends and are tailored to the unique lives of the client, Kern and Co offers a personalized design experience that cannot be duplicated. We’ve developed a distinctive brand of luxurious living and incorporate architectural planning and personalized interior design to deliver environments that exemplify contemporary luxury living. 


Interior Design Freelancers

Independent interior designers usually have a passion for making spaces look beautiful. While they may have some professional training in the industry, there are no steadfast qualifications for becoming a freelance interior designer, which can result in some issues if you choose to go this route. 


Many freelance designers rely solely on using current trends to create a space. However, trends are fleeting so working with a professional that understands timeless and fluid designs is imperative. 


Additionally, freelance interior designers often work independently instead of working with a team of professionals. While this can be great for creating a strong cohesive vision for space, having additional input from other seasoned professionals and contractors can help to develop more functional spaces. 


There is a huge difference between interior design and architectural design, but the two work together to create functional spaces. Many freelance interior designers will not have adequate knowledge of architectural design, thus the interior designs they choose won’t be supported by the building’s architecture. 


Freelance interior designers can be extremely talented and are capable of developing amazing spaces, however, there is much more to the art of interior design than a keen eye for style. 


Freelance vs. Interior Design Firms: The Difference

When choosing between a freelance interior designer and legacy interior design firms it all comes down to experience. Legacy interior design firms have spent years cultivating design practices that can be personalized to the lifestyle of the client. In tandem with sound architectural design, a reputable interior design firm can create a space that won’t fall victim to passing trends so you won’t have to constantly renovate the space to keep up with the times. 


For a look into our work, here is a San Diego home in which we harmonized classic French interior and architectural design.


Are you ready to transform your space? Contact us today so our experienced team of interior designers at Kern & Co. can get started on making your vision a reality.

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