Decorating House’s Interior with Sage Green

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Decorating House’s Interior with Sage Green

Why Sage Green Designs are This Year’s Most Popular Trend

Over the past year, our homes became a place of sanctuary amid the stress and anxiety of a global pandemic, so it’s no wonder that many of us are gravitating toward decorating choices that help us feel calm and grounded. Color is an especially powerful tool in creating a soothing environment, and sage green has recently become a must-have hue for those seeking a serene, restful home design.

According to Google trend data, search interest in decorating with sage green reached a record high this year, with the color currently beating out emerald and mint as the most-searched shade of green. “Sage is a lighter, more muted shade of green, so it creates a calming effect in just about any space in the home,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “It also has such strong ties to the greenery and nature that surrounds our home, so it really helps bring the outdoors in and make a space feel more grounded.

Sage Green Interior Decorating Ideas

As a mix between gray and green, this calming shade “satisfies both color minimalists and color lovers,” says Nivara Xaykao, color marketing and development associate manager at Benjamin Moore. Use these sage green decorating ideas to apply the trendy color to your home.


3. Balance cool sage with warm accents.

Sage green tends to veer toward the cooler side of the spectrum, so warm-toned accents can help give it a lift. To maintain a mostly neutral color scheme, opt for creamy shades of white and metallics like rose gold to add richness and warmth to the coolness of sage green, suggests San Diego-based interior designer Susan Spath. For a more colorful palette, refer to green’s opposite on the color wheel. “In terms of complementary colors, soft mauves and deep pinks can add depth to a sage palette,” Woelfel says.


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