Room of the Week: Interior Design Inspiration We Love

Every single room we design is special, but every now and then there’s a project that we absolutely fall in love with! From the kitchen to the dining room and the living room to the bedroom, we adored every single inch of this Florida Lifestyle home that was designed to exude luxury with equestrian ease.

Read on to learn more about the interior design inspiration that helped to create this incredible space and get some ideas about how you can replicate elements of this aesthetic in your own home!


What is the Florida Lifestyle?

Before we dive into this design, let’s take a moment to define what the Florida lifestyle means to interior designers. When you think of Florida, you probably imagine huge palm leaves swaying softly in the breeze, white sand between your toes, and the inviting turquoise waters of the Florida Keys. Everything about the beach focuses on simplicity and relaxation, which is the focus of this particular interior design style. With a neutral color palette and subdued hues, you can achieve the calming effect of waves breaking on the shore and spending a day soaking up the sunshine. 



Dining Room for Large Gatherings 

One of the most prominent features of this gorgeous home is the grand staircase, built with a rustic gray wood that embodies the reclaimed equestrian spirit. Surrounding the curved staircase is a simple white banister, punctuated by black wrought-iron balusters that add a nice contrasting element. The interior design of the dining room worked to highlight this amazing focal point. The long dining room table seats ten and each chair is made from simple natural materials in a creamy white tone. Additionally, the high ceilings make the space feel airy, open, and inviting. 


A Sitting Room Made for Entertaining 

The sitting room maintains the calming color scheme that is seen throughout the rest of the home but breaks with the equestrian living to embody more of a geometric style. The straight lines are seen on the couch, pillows, and the curtains and are expertly contrasted with the circular shapes seen in the gold-accented hutch and sculptures. The metallic elements add a dash of high-class to the space and the tiny black details that match the staircase are worked back into the design in the simple yet elegant brushstroke artwork that frames the hutch. This sitting room is the perfect place for hosting friends and sipping on refreshing drinks on a warm day as the breeze rolls in through the open French doors.


All-White Kitchen

Cooking is all about creativity, which means you need to start with a blank palette. That’s exactly what this all-white kitchen accomplishes. On top of offering a bright space, the kitchen looks clean and ready for the creation of a culinary masterpiece. The varying designs of the cabinets, which go from solid wood to window-pane style, to ornate glass, offer enough variation to keep the kitchen lively and interesting. Additionally, the white marble backsplash behind the range contrasts nicely with the sleek white tile backsplash behind the sink. To top it all off, the huge island in the center of the kitchen is ideal for preparing large meals or serving guests wine and cheese as they sit on ornate bar stools. 


Bathroom With a Walk-In Shower 

Nothing says luxury and relaxation quite like a walk-in shower with an accompanying lounge chair. These kinds of details are what will transform your home, taking it from just a house to your own personal oasis. Dangling above the chaise is a unique bubbling light fixture that evokes the idea of underwater corals and seafoam rushing up on the shore. Beyond the chaise, you can sneak a look at the freestanding bathtub, secluded by Roman shades and golden drapes. A bubble bath filled to the brim is sure to make you feel like a Florida mermaid!


An Equestrian Estate

Each bedroom in this home is beautifully tied together with equestrian accents. From the master bedroom, which boasts comfortable couches and a cozy fireplace for those chilly nights, to the guest room with French doors that open to the outside in beautiful Saddle Trail, Florida, the art and science of interior design was carefully applied to these spaces. This equestrian style perfectly blends relaxation and elegance. Overall, every single one of these bedrooms is the perfect place to read a book and fall asleep, dreaming of beautiful trails and calming horseback rides.


If you loved the contemporary interior design of this Florida Lifestyle home and are looking to create your own oasis of relaxation and tranquility, contact our experienced team of interior designers at Kern & Co. With our contemporary showrooms full of luxury furniture brands and interior design knowledge, we can help you create the home of your dreams! 


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