When is it a Good Time to Remodel Your Home?

When is it a Good Time to Remodel Your Home?


Remodeling your home is a huge project and it is not one to take lightly. It’s a misconception that remodeling a home will be easier then starting from scratch. In reality remodels are way harder than starting for scratch. I always tell my clients who are interested in remodeling their home. A remodel is hard, you must take it apart and put it back together without starting from scratch. It is best to plan ahead of time to figure out when to remodel your home. Depending on the scale of the remodel you may have to move out completely to redesign your house the way you want.

Your Lifestyle & Needs

Remodels take lots of time and planning. After all you are deciding how to remodel your home and deciding when the best time is to remodel your house. When deciding what is the best month to remodel you have to look into your lifestyle. If you have kids you may want to do a remodel when the kids are in school because the summer may get busy. I wouldn’t say that there is a specific month that is best for a remodel, it is really what is best for the client. However I would say during the holidays it is best to not start a remodel, the reason being the workers will take time off for the holidays and it will prolong the remodel duration. Best to be at home to enjoy the holidays with your family and start up after the new year.

Live In or Move Out

When looking into when to remodel your home you must consider if you will be living in the house during the remodel or if you will be moving out. If you will be moving out you may want to pick a time of the year that is less busy because moving takes up a lot of time! If you will be living in the house during the remodel you may want to plan it around your vacation or when your kids are at school during the day.


Remember when you are planning a remodel, it may be a bit stressful at times but it will be worth it. The end product of your redesigned home will be worth all the hard work.  Decide what works for your schedule and pick the best month for house renovations.

Are you ready for a change? Contact us today or visit one of our interior design showrooms to see how we can remodel your home and help you pick the best time to remodel. We hope to hear from your soon.

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