What is The Best Color to Paint a Bathroom?

What is The Best Color to Paint a Bathroom?

Picking paint colors can be difficult. There are millions of paint colors, and it is hard to decide what is the best color. It is always best to consult an interior designer to guide you in selecting the paint colors. Selecting the best paint color for your bathroom is important. If you go too white the walls may be a little bright when the sun hits and if you pick to dark it may look dark and gloomy.

Let Your Personality Shine Through Your Home

I love bathrooms to have some personality. You can accomplish this by adding color through the paint, wallpaper, tile, or lighting. When selecting the best color to paint a bathroom it is important to look at the house as a whole. What is the design of the home? Is it a modern home, a Tuscan home, contemporary, or transitional? All must be taken into account.

Modern Style Homes Stick to Neutral Tones

For a modern home using neutral tones are best. For the bathrooms, I like to stick with shades of white with hints of taupe, grey, black etc. I would not paint the walls black but incorporate black into the space with the use of tile, slabs, wallpaper, or the vanity. One of my go-to colors for a modern bathroom is Chancily Lace by BM. It’s the perfect white clean and crisp perfect for a bathroom.

Updated Tuscan Style: Add some White

For an updated Tuscan look I like to incorporate a creamy white into the mix of things. Traditional Tuscan style is dark with browns and yellows as the primary colors. When updating a Tuscan style bathroom one easy update is paint. By painting a plain cream color we can simplify the old world look while maintaining the Tuscan bones.

Add some Color for a Contemporary Look

For a contemporary or transitional style home I like to have a little fun in the bathroom by adding a pop of color. A very light blue color looks great in a bath as it gives it a clean calming feel.

All in all, the perfect paint color for a bathroom really depends on the style of the house and of course should be a representation of the owner’s personality.

If you’re ready to give your bathroom a redesign, starting with a fresh coat of paint can go the distance. To get more interior design inspiration, check out our portfolios or contact our designs today to get started.

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