Jetset Style: How to Bring Your Favorite Vacation Destination into Your Interior Design

With travel restrictions in place in many areas due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has become the unofficial “year of the home.” With all the time we’re spending at home, it’s the perfect time to establish your personal style and build a stay-at-home oasis you truly love. 


If you’re usually jet setting around this time of year, why not let your travels inspire your home design? Let your passport guide you as we explore how to incorporate travel-inspired home design into your abode.


French Villa

Interior design by Kern & Co inspired by a French villa

Vintage, sophisticated, and charming are three words that come to mind when we think of France. Imagine unwinding in your French villa, surrounded by beautiful vineyards just outside of a quaint little French town. Pour yourself a glass of Pinot noir and we’ll share some of the ways you can bring this relaxing ambiance to your own home. 


French-inspired home design includes glamour and charm. Glamour can be shown in many ways. One way is adding touches of gold, whether that’s in your textiles, incorporated into your lighting, or with a few ornate vases or beautiful trays on display. 


We love to incorporate a vintage touch when designing French homes. You can create a vintage feel by adding vintage wood beams, vintage hardwood floors, or even a vintage piece of furniture. If vintage pieces are not an option, you can also create the same feel with distressed woodwork. 


Inspired by all of the amazing French wine and cheese available, make sure to channel your inner Julia Child by designing a beautiful kitchen you’ll love to cook and entertain in. Now just close your eyes and smell that French onion soup simmering on the stove or the fresh baguettes crisping up in the oven.


Tuscan Farmhouse 

Kitchen and interior design by Kern & Co in the style of a Tuscan farmhouse

Next up is an exploration of Tuscan architecture and design, for those missing the Italian culture. 


Similar to the French style, Tuscan architecture and decor trends toward rustic and perfectly encapsulates the beautiful Italian scenery — think beautiful exterior tile work, sun-baked terra-cotta tones, textured walls with intricate patterns, and colorful ceramic pottery for a splash of personality. 


Break out the olive oil and fresh herbs, because the kitchen will be the star of the show in your Tuscan-inspired home. Design with the best of Italy in mind with open cupboards, so you can display your dishes, linens, and pottery prominently. A wrought-iron rack is a perfect opportunity to let your copper pots shine, giving you easy access when it’s time to start cooking.


Maldives Beach Bungalow 

Interior design by Kern & Co which resembles a Maldives beach resort

More of a beach bum? Tropical destinations are a fantastic source of home design inspiration. Even if you don’t currently have an immediate view of miles-long pure white sand and the seemingly-endless ocean, you can bring the beach bungalow vibe to your home with a few key elements. 


Of course, you’ll want to start with an open, airy layout. If your home has a lot of natural light, you’re already one step ahead. From here, it’s all about bringing nature inside. Think tasteful tropical artwork, real (or faux) plants around the home, breezy sheer curtains, and pops of bright blue, teal, and green alongside otherwise neutral furniture.


Adding texture to each room will also give off a nature-inspired feel. This could be elements of bamboo, linen, jute, or seagrass, for example. All of these can be incorporated into the room with area rugs, pillows, and even wall decor. Sand dollars, driftwood, and pieces of coral can also add a dose of personality.


Your outdoor space will also need some special touches, as you’ll likely be spending lots of time there. Consider a beautiful fire pit or string lighting to provide some nighttime ambiance, and welcoming outdoor sofas or other cozy seating to complete the space. As the warm summer breeze whispers across your skin, it’ll be like you’re at your very own tropical resort.


Switzerland Ski Resort 

Interior design by Kern & Co in the style of a Swiss ski resort

Finally, if winter is more your season of choice, get in touch with your inner snow bunny with a touch of Swiss ski resort-style. Even in the middle of a California summer, you can easily channel the cozy, intimate feel.  


Modern rustic elements and a large, open living room with plenty of seating for guests is a great way to achieve this without veering on kitschy or overdone. Add some woodsy touches with solid-wood side tables reminiscent of tree stumps, or original artwork featuring subtle mountain or forest scenes.


Once it starts cooling down a bit, bring out the cozy throw blankets and fur pillows to make the space extra inviting. Don’t be afraid to mix materials and colors to create some visual interest: balance a masculine canvas pillow with a luxe faux fur companion, for example. And if you have a fireplace, make sure to accentuate it with candles and other decor — make it the focal piece of your living room! 


Design with Kern & Co 

Feeling inspired yet? Whether your style is rustic, sophisticated, modern, beachy, or eclectic, there is so much to explore when it comes to designing your home. If you’ve got a project in mind, Susan and her team at Kern & Co are here to help you bring your home design inspiration to life. Contact us today and we’ll help you transform your home into something you’ll be proud of for years to come.

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