This Season’s Number One Fabric for Interior Design: Boucle

2022’s Number One Fabric Trend


This year we have seen a lot of interest in boucle fabrics. It is all the rave right now and is a hot commodity. All the softness of Sherpa without the matted look Sherpa gains overtime. Instead boucle fabric is a durable fabric that is the perfect alternative. You may be asking what even is boucle fabric and how is it used? Read along as we explore the meaning and use of 2022’s most popular fabric trend.

What is boucle fabric?

I’m sure you have heard the word boucle thrown around while furniture shopping and maybe you haven’t been quite sure of what that really means. A boucle fabric is a type of yarn that is a looped yarn that has a textured or dimensional feel. Many people describe the texture as “nubby”. Originally made out of wool or mohair, boucle fabrics have evolved over time and now are found in almost any type of fabric. For example silk, linen, alpaca, cotton, polyester and more. Boucle fabric has the softness and fluffiness everyone dreams of in a fabric. Boucle fabrics are warm and cozy and really can dress up any space.


How are boucle fabrics used?

Boucle fabrics are great upholstry weight fabric. The nature of the fabric is heavy and makes up a great sofa. Boucle fabrics vary in the tightness of the looped yarn. A tighter looped yarn creates more of a elegant look while a loose looped yarn create a relaxed and cozy look. Both are lovely it is purely your preference on the tightness of the loop. Boucle fabrics are used in upholstery and also clothing items. When it comes to upholstery the trend is all about boucle oversized curved sofas, cozy swivel chairs, and even upholstered beds. Boucle fabrics add a cozy feel to a modern chic space.

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