The Importance of an Interior Designer

Important Elements of a Good Interior Designer

The first step in any project is to take into account the plan development. Whether you are doing a remodel or a new build, you must first analyze the space or structure. The architectural design focuses on the elements, components, and space of a structure. This first phase in the design process is so important and should not be skipped as it will alter the everyday function of the structure.


Think of your home’s floor plan, does the house flow nicely or is it laid out in a choppy way. A good interior designer is able to create a floor plan that flows flawlessly. Each room gracefully spills to the next, it should seem natural and of course functional. For a home you really have to focus on how the home will be used, the plan should be personalized to the client. Every element is taken into account in order to create the perfect interior design for the home.

San Diego interior designer, Susan Spath specializes in custom new build homes. She is able to take a space and create a home that perfectly represents the client’s lifestyle. Susan is always looking at how to make a space functional, from start to finish.


Space is not the only aspect when it comes to design, there are also the elements and the components that are going to make up the structure. The design elements that make up a structure can be space, size, shape, color, form, value, and texture. The elements all together will create the style of the home. This is when we add unique details such as arches, columns, etc. We look at the materials to be used that may have a play on the direction of the home. If we are using a lot of stones the home is going to be a more traditional style whereas if we are using a lot of wood elements the home may lean more towards a European style. Regardless of the direction you go in, plan development is one of the most important elements of your home.

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