Trend Alert: Brilliant Interior Design

Spacious well lit kitchen design by Kern & Company and Susan Spath Interior Design

To say interior designers are visual people is a bit of an understatement. As such, we are always paying attention to what other people are paying attention to (be it on social media, or any place else!).  In doing so, we noticed a draw – a trend, if you will – towards interiors that are…

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All the Best: Instagram Edition

Luxury Family Room Design in San Diego - Custom Upholstered Sofas - Unique Fine Accessories and High End Furniture from Kern & Co.

In keeping up with our “What’s hot now” focus here at Kern & Company, we thought we’d take a moment and share what is trending for us on our interior design inspired Instagram page. Aside from being some of our favorite Rancho Santa Fe projects, these fan favorites are focused around our love of mixed cremes…

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