Susan Spath’s Favorite Designs of 2020

Luxury never goes out of style, but one of our favorite things about interior design is watching how different trends and ideas can be incorporated into your personal space. The best interior design will cater to your lifestyle and personality while transforming your home into a functional and beautiful experience for you, your family, and your guests. 


Below, we’ll share some of Susan’s favorite inspiration and interior design trends of 2020 and beyond.


An Air of Authenticity

Above all else, a luxurious and personalized interior will be just that—personalized to you. As such, one big trend that Susan and her team love this year is the focus on authenticity. What this means is that your home should reflect your personality and style of living, whether that’s more traditional or a high-tech luxury feel. It’s about showcasing furniture and statement pieces that are one-of-a-kind instead of mass-produced, and especially when you have a connection with the maker of the piece. Now more than ever, homeowners are looking for local furniture-makers and artists, and selecting pieces that have more of a story. 

For many, this also means incorporating items you find world-wide, picking up decor or furniture from your travels or places that mean a lot to you and your family. As you mix-and-match old and new, you’ll create and design a space that’s truly personalized and brings back memories and happy feelings.


Pops of Color

We continue to see our clients drawn to rich blues, including colors like Cobalt and Royal blue, as accents. These colors add a dramatic flair to the home without being too dark. We also love when our clients mix traditional brown with contemporary light color palettes. People are really loving neutral colors, like white and beige, mixed with pops of vibrant colors. 

Another great place for a pop of color is your door. Gone are the days of all-white doors. We love adding some warmth and personality with a bold door, especially when paired with gorgeous and complementary hardware. You’ll make a statement without having to commit to a full color revamp.


Bold, Crisp Lines

Crisp, clean lines provide a quintessential modern feel, and we’re seeing this more and more these days. In addition to showcasing this feel with your furniture, you can also emulate the style with your colors. A high-contrast design can contribute to the crisp feel. Think black and white, or deep blue and cream. Dive into this trend even further with angular geometrical motifs, like rectangles and stripes. 


Focus on Sustainability

Another interior design idea that Susan and her team love right now is the focus on natural materials with a luxurious undertone. This includes marble accents throughout a room (think vases and bowls), and marble finishes in bathrooms and kitchens in unique patterns. 

While the world focuses more on sustainability and offsetting our impact on the planet, the concept can also be found in interior design. Homes are adorned with greenery, pulling in elements of the great outdoors to invoke a relaxing, organic feel. This could be strategically-placed houseplants, or even a lush living wall or vertical garden. In addition to improving the air quality in your home, plants are a great way to enhance your mental health and beautify your space.

When it comes to textiles, we’re seeing more natural wood and recycled materials. Earthy and warm colors rule the popular palettes, as well as botanical prints and floral motifs. The Scandinavian style, known for its organic shapes and natural hues, is certainly having its moment. When combined with luxurious and modern elements, your home becomes an inviting and gorgeous space to relax in and entertain.


Intricate Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a great place to experiment and have fun with bolder designs, and we’re certainly seeing more of this in 2020. Interior design ideas for your bathroom include black-and-white color palettes, intricate and colorful wallpaper, tech-friendly elements that provide a customized and comfortable bathroom experience, and tilework in interesting patterns, like chevron or herringbone. Overall, your bathroom should be infused with personality, using elements and designs that are true to your lifestyle.


Function-Focused Homes

As technology improves, it’s no secret that homes are becoming “smarter” and more customized. But more so, we love seeing the trend of personalizing your space to be more functional and usable, in terms of architecture, floor plans, and even furniture. This is the reason we do what we do—with the right interior design, you can make your space truly your own. 

While a dedicated home office was more important in years past, for example, workspaces are much less formal now. Homeowners might instead opt for a flexible, more fashion-forward workspace combined with the best in technology. In fact, we are even seeing more and more home offices becoming game rooms! We love putting a game table in the office to make it more interactive for the whole family. 

Another way we’re seeing function mixed with style is with the use of open or hidden storage options. Storage space is highly-coveted, and creating ways to keep your home clean and organized can improve your home’s value as well as reduce stress.


Bringing Your Interior Design Ideas to Life

Susan and her team are ready to work with you and design the home of your dreams. Browse our blog or visit our transitional showrooms for more interior design inspiration, and contact us today for all of your luxury interior design needs and see why our team and service contains the best interior designers in San Diego.

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