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How to Host the Perfect Intimate Thanksgiving

Can you believe it is already November? With the leaves starting to turn, and the days getting colder, it is an indication that it is that time of year again. Thanksgiving is a time for us to reflect on the year and the many reasons to be thankful. While this Thanksgiving may not look like your traditional large gathering, with a couple key elements an intimate Thanksgiving is possible. Continue reading to see our tips and tricks for hosting an intimate Thanksgiving and setting the perfect dining table.

Environment is key, you will want to create an environment that is friendly and inviting. A nicely furnished dining room, fine crystal glassware, china, and lighting are all important elements in perfecting this holiday.  There is something very special about creating a warm ambiance for your family and loved ones to enjoy.

Setting the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

To create a perfect holiday dining table, you will need a variety of items, from table linens to serving dishes. First and foremost, a color scheme must be established. This will set the tone for your décor and tableware. A simple place setting allows you to play around with the accents. Beautiful white table linens can be matched with Agate napkin holders, beautiful china, and your finest glassware. Fine crystal Baccarat glassware is a popular option as each piece is stunning in detail. We LOVE our elegant baccarat champagne flutes, to add a touch of luxury to any thanksgiving dinner.

Lighting & Ambiance

Now that the table is set, is it time to focus on the ambiance. To create a welcoming atmosphere for your family, you will need to perfect the lighting. Tip: If you have dimmers, use them! Dimmers are so popular as you can adjust the intimacy of each room with a touch of a button. If dimmers are not an option, don’t worry, the same intimacy can be achieved by candle lighting. With the use of candles, you can create the lighting that you desire. Use candles in your table décor, you can use crystal votives scattered throughout the dining table. If your dining room contains a fireplace, turn it on! A warm fire creates a great ambiance but also will keep you warm not to mention it brings in the holiday spirt.

Dress it Up

With the table set, the lighting perfected, the last step is adding a bit of décor to your table. There is no need to overdue the décor a couple things will do the job. You can add floral arrangements, wreathes, pumpkins, garland, etc. to dress up the dining room for this special occasion.

Be Thankful!

Take time to reflect this Thanksgiving, tell your loved ones you are thankful for them. Thanksgiving is much more than great food. Follow our holiday tips and you are sure to have an intimate thanksgiving this holiday season. The perfect glassware, flatware, tableware and more can help take your average family dinner to a luxurious fine dining experience in the comfort of your own home. Lighting allows you to set the tone for the evening, to make any room more comfortable and warmer it is so important for a holiday filled with gratitude and warmth.

Here at Kern & Co. detail is everything, and we are always striving to offer our clients and friends our best thanksgiving décor advice. For all your entertaining needs we are here to help create a space for you and your loved ones to spend time together, share food, and create lasting memories. Contact us today or stop into our Solana Beach showroom to see our collections on display.



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