Room of the Week: A Unique Twist on Formal Dining Room Design

Creating A Unique Dining Room Design

For this week’s “Room of the Week” we are showing off this spectacular and unique dining room. As a space for intimate gatherings, formal dining rooms should always be welcoming and comfortable. We put an unexpected spin on this concept by implementing thought-provoking elements from the floor up.  The function of a dining room is, after all, to entertain.

How We Designed This Unique, Yet Formal, Dining Room

The feeling of home and warmth permeates through the atmosphere, juxtaposing the modern lines of the fireplace and acrylic table base. The discussions from family and friends range from fabulous wines to unusual wallpaper and fabric selections, inspired by the diverse array of materials surrounding them. The glamour of jewelry chain chandeliers and a crystal-embedded fireplace are all grounded by an antique wood floor. Lines of molding and exposed wooden beams direct the attention of family and friends, carrying their eyes through the entirety of the space.

Bring Your Unique Dining Room Design Dreams to Life

Whether you know exactly what you want, or have no idea at all, our Kern & Co. experts in interior design and architecture are here to make your dreams a reality! For any questions, or to get started right away, contact us today. Let us create the perfect welcoming and comfortable environment in your home with a dining room design to complement your unique taste.

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