Luxury Window Treatments


Window treatments with beautiful textiles really warm up a home and bring it to life. Interior Designer Susan Spath of Kern & Co. offers full interior design services, and you are just in luck because creating beautiful custom drapery for a home is one of her many talents. There are endless patterns, styles, and colors to choose from the full fabric library within Susan’s reach. Window treatments add so much to a home such as privacy, warmth, and ultimately value. Luxury window coverings come in many different styles and have many different terms; roman shades, shutters, rollers, valances, sheers, drapes, to name a few. It can be difficult to distinguish the style that best suits your needs and also will be stunning.




Panels are decorative window treatments that are fixed in place. They serve strictly as a decorative measure. One-sided or two-sided panels are available. One-sided would mean there is a panel of the drape on one side of the window either the left or right. A two-sided panel would have one panel on the right and one on the left. Window panels allow you to add warmth into the room without blocking to much sun in.

Most of the time we use panels in addition to a woven wooden roman shade. The roman shade serves as the primary and the panels are simply there to elevate the look. Roman shades can be made from many different materials. You also have the option of doing a lining, this could be a privacy lining (which allows light in but gives extra privacy) or a blackout lining (which blocks out light and also serves as privacy).




Sheers are a decorative and functional option for window coverings that add the finishing touches to your sun-drenched room. Adding sheers over large windows in a great room serves by preventing the sun from glaring in and also will protect your furniture and flooring from sun damage. Not only do they serve to protect but they are stunning. They add a light and airy touch to a room.

Drapes are a decorative option that provides more privacy than a sheer. Drapes are similar to shades but had an extra lining, the lining can be privacy or a blackout lining. Depending on if you want privacy or blackout lining is a personal opinion. In most bedrooms, clients will do blackout drapes and in other areas of the house where they would like privacy but not wanting to block out the light completely, privacy lining is the best way to go.

The first step is to set up a drapery measure and the rest of the magic begins with a visit to our Solana Beach showroom.  From here we show you all the window treatment options, shades, hardware, and more.




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