Local Interior Design Maven Susan Spath On Luxurious Living and Timeless Design – Modern Luxury San Diego

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Local Interior Design Maven Susan Spath On Luxurious Living and Timeless Design – Modern Luxury San Diego


Local Interior Design Maven Susan Spath On Luxurious Living and Timeless Design


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For design and interiors professional Susan Spath, luxurious living starts at home.

It’s waking up in an incredible bed with crisp, ironed linens. It’s cooking in an outfitted kitchen and serving meals on eloquent dishware. It’s walking into a space illuminated by elevated light fixtures and relaxing on lush fabrics.

As president and founder of Kern & Company and principal designer of Susan Spath Interior Design, Spath supports clients every step of the way in the creation of timeless, livable Californian oases.



At Kern & Company, Spath focuses on collaborating with clients on architectural plans and interior design and decoration, bringing a luxe flare to each home project.

Before diving into the decor and color scheme of a project, Spath and her team of architectural designers imagine how the space can be transformed to be as functional as possible while adding unique, beautiful pieces that suit the personality and lifestyle of their clients.

From constructing full floor plans and interior renderings to drawing up cabinetry, crafting bespoke kitchens and bathrooms, and selecting the perfect combination of furniture, rugs, and accessories, Spath does it all.

Spath describes her personal design style as European California, evoking the clean, crisp (yet not too cluttered) look that is synonymous with California and a European-inspired elegance. Yet, she insists that each home is not about her style as much as it’s about putting what her clients desire in good form and taste.

“When I meet people, I really listen to them, care about their family, how they live, and I try to understand what they want their house to be,” says Spath.

“I always say it’s like me making their dreams come true.”


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In an industry where trends come and go and home accessories can be easily purchased through online retailers, Spath has managed to remain at the forefront of California’s competition.

Perhaps what helps Spath to stand out most is the impressive Solana Beach showroom that Kern & Company keeps regularly updated with the latest high-end furniture, trendy home accessories, and vibrant artwork.

Kern & Company monitors new techniques and styles intently, developing their own custom design concepts and furnishings.

“Our store has always been one of extremely unique furnishings and accessories,” says Spath. “People can always scour and find something you never see anywhere else.”

Recently, Spath has seen clients shift away from the gray and white, ‘untouchable’ modern style and towards warmer tones.

“I can’t even tell you how many people, even really young people, come in my store and show me images of older-looking things,” says Spath. “They want more of the color tones that are warmer.”


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Spath had an unorthodox journey to becoming one of San Diego’s flagship professionals.

With a skill for math, an eye for spacial design, a driven work ethic and a master’s degree in business, Spath headed to California and began running a small furniture store in 1989. Within a year, she purchased it. In 1994, she founded Kern & Company.

Without much experience, Spath jumped right into the industry, shadowing designers, tearing down walls, teaching herself how to draft and observing architects and big builders.

An avid reader with a love of learning, Spath took every step of her business and learned it herself.


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As the design world changed, Spath changed with it, hiring a full staff equipt to do construction drawings, ground-up builds and interior renderings.

“When I first started the business, interior designers were more like decorators,” said Spath, “now it’s a whole different world.”

Spath has always aimed to be ahead of the curve, offering what most designers can’t: a full redesign experience from ground-up construction to floor-to-ceiling redecorating.

Her small team has been by her side, supporting her along her journey, for almost two decades.

“My entire staff has been with me and it makes our clients feel very comfortable,” says Spath, “because they know we’re there to serve them.”

Spath’s success comes from more than just her expert design taste, team of talented professionals and dazzling portfolio. It’s her ability to hear her client’s dreams and transcend them into spaces of livable luxury.

“I always try to be kind and listen and supportive,” says Spath. “I think it helps a lot in business.”


Written by: Kennedy Miller for Modern Luxury San Diego



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