How to Design a Chic Home Office: Five Interior Design Ideas

How to Design a Chic Home Office: Interior Design Ideas


 Storage is Key

First and foremost a perfect home office has plenty of storage for all your files, etc. There are several ways to create storage in your space. Our favorite storage feature is built in cabinetry. Other great ways to add storage are furniture pieces such as secretaries, etageres, file cabinets, and more. A chic modern home office design has simplicity, the whole room flows together seamlessly. Modern home desks usually don’t have a large amount of storage so finding storage ideas is a must. Executive home desks have the file cabinets, storage, and drawers. They do have modern executive home desks out there but, when you are going with a very modern home office design you will most likely go with a writing desk. Writing desks are simple clean and make up a chic home office desk.

Hide the Printer & Cords

One solution for hiding cords is a floor plug. Having a floor plug allows you to hide the cords under your desk. Having a printer and a mess of cords take away the aesthetic from home office. If you are able to build custom cabinetry make a designated printer drawer. This way you are able to hide the printer and it is still readily assessable and easy to use. After all the a good home office design is both functional and beautiful.

Natural Light is a Must

Having natural light in a home office is essential in creating a positive work space. Natural light instantly makes a room more comfortable. It provides warmth and brings the outdoors in. Work can get stressful and having that natural light in your chic home office is proven to help you mentally. Natural light is known for being an important factor in our physical & mental well being. It helps you focus to be more productive, be happy, and also destress.


Don’t be afraid to accessorize when designing a chic home office. Although accessories may not be the focal point of an office they are used to add visual hierarchy. The decor for home offices go beyond a functional standpoint. Curated accessories add a certain charm by making the space feel special. Picture frames are a great way to personalize a home office by displaying photos of cherished memories. Most importantly surround yourself with accessories that bring you joy. Make your home office design a positive space where you can thrive.

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