Fall In Love With Your Home This Fall


Happy first day of fall! This season we are all falling in love with our home. From design to function we are going to take a glance into the best home attributes and additions.

A year full of unexpected events have left many of us stuck in our homes with little to do. The importance of a home has never been so vital. A home is a place where some of the greatest memories will take place, where a family can come together, and most importantly it is a personal sanctuary. The greatest homes are those that seem effortless, full of functional living spaces, beautiful designs, and endless amenities. They are the homes that are filled with love and warmth. Homes reflect the owner’s personality, character, and lifestyle.



The best interior designers are those that can create a home both spectacular in design and functional. Thinking about how you are going to us the space is the best way to determine if it will be functional for your lifestyle. If you are in the process of building or remodeling a home, you will want to plan out the ideal space for electrical switches and outlets. A designer can help picture the finished product and determine where the optimal spot will be for outlets, switches, alarm keypads, etc.


Susan is very talented in her ability to visualize the finished product. She can look at an existing space and visualize the changes that will need to be done to optimize the space. Creating a functional space while also keeping in mind where furniture, paintings, etc. will go to create a flawless foundation. A functional home is key to falling in love with your home. We focus all about function when designing a home by keeping the lives of our clients in mind. From the layout of our kitchen cabinets to the furnishings, function is always in mind.


As any designer would say “you feel your best when you dress your best” but the same goes for your interiors. Having a beautiful home can make a world of a difference. The design of your home should ride right along with your personality. Good designs delivering both comfort and style. A home should be warm and cozy, a place where you can relax. Whether you decide to go with warmer colors or cooler colors each have an important impact on your mood. It is important to keep that in mind when deciding what colors will be in each room. For example, light shades of blues and green are known for having a sense of calming, perfect for a bedroom. While brighter colors tend to bring more excitement, perfect for a game room, living room, or a powder bath.


Color is not the only aspect of design; the furniture is a huge part. Furniture should be placed in a way that is inviting. For example, a beautiful luxurious family room can be full of comfort if you pick the right furniture and textiles. In a large family room, a large sectional, swivel chairs, and a large rug can create a comfortable and welcoming space.


Finally, we get into the perks of a custom home. The best homes are those that are filled with amenities. There are so many amenities that can be added to a home. For example, a gym, game room, media room, elevator, steam room… the list can go on. What are the amenities did you wish your house had during quarantine?


If you are a book worm you may want to focus on a cozy library to cuddle up with your favorite book.  If you found it hard to work from home because you did not have the right space for it, it is time to fix up your home office. If you are not loving the idea of going to a gym maybe it is time to get a home gym. You can use your garage, a secondary bedroom, or if you have the space you could even build a detached gym.


Now ask yourself, what would make you fall in love with your home?


Whether it is a full remodel or just a few furniture pieces. It is time to fall in love with you home. We here at Kern & Co are ready to help turn your home into everything you ever dreamed of and more. With our personalized approach to design we can fully customize your living space to fit your unique needs. We hope to see you soon!


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