Designer Friday Featuring Susan Spath – Aspire Design and Home


Designer Friday Featuring Susan Spath – Aspire Design and Home

Designer Friday: Personalized Interior Design with Susan Spath

Susan Spath is the President of Kern & Co., an interior design and lifestyle company based in Solana Beach, California. Kern & Co. not only offers full-service personalized interior design services with a specialty in traditional and transitional styles, but they also offer custom furniture and window treatments. The company’s showroom has been recognized as the “Best Home Decor Showroom” by Modern Luxury Magazine and has received awards for “Best Interior Designer” and “Best Luxury Furniture” from Ranch and Coast Magazine. Kern & Co.’s team helps clients transform their homes with personalized, custom details like tile, cabinetry, lighting and fixtures. Learn more about Susan Spath and Kern & Co. in this week’s Designer Friday.


Project Portfolio

This living room space embodies a transitional sense of style with two regal gold-framed mirrors, antique drawer cabinets, Art Deco chandelier and the juxtaposed cool gray rug and chairs.

Andrew Joseph: You’re the newest Crayola color. What color are you and why?
Susan Spath: I am coral. I love using a white or off-white background and adding coral as an accent. It is cool, bright and very elegant.

AJ: Describe your design style as if you were explaining it to someone who cannot see.
SS: My design style is soft and elegant. Very calming to the senses. I like the home to be the most peaceful place. When traveling, I cannot wait to come back home where all the fabrics are so soft to the touch and pleasing.


Project Portfolio

It is impossible to not be at peace in this Rococo-style bedroom. The lavender velvet couch and ornate upholstered headboard bring a sense of calm and tranquility to the mind and body.

AJ: What is the last book you read?
SS: The Maid by Nita Prose. I love to read! I would have to say that I may love reading even more than shopping.

AJ: If you weren’t a designer, you’d be a ….?
SS: Maybe a chef. Although my schooling was in business economics, I have always been more artistic. I love to cook for family and friends.

AJ: What would you like to be remembered for?
SS: Making as many places beautiful as I could and making families love their homes.


Project Portfolio

This Modern Farmhouse-style living space is perfect for entertaining. Drenched in natural light and showcasing exposed beams, this room becomes larger-than-life. A neutral color palette is adopted to let the architecture of the room truly sing.

AJ: What would your dream project or dream client be right now?
SS: My favorite jobs are ones where I have a lot of latitude. I do my best creative work when I have a lot of creative flexibility.

AJ: Favorite tea to decompress, and in what mug?
SS: Fortnum and Mason rose black tea in an extra large white mug with Stevia.



About the Designer | Susan Spath, president of Kern & Co., sits as one of San Diego’s foremost personalized interior designers and lifestyle professionals. Located in Solana Beach, Kern & Co.’s showroom is an ever-changing, fresh, and vibrant experience where Susan’s design passions are on display. Awarded best home decor showroom by Modern Luxury Magazine, best interior designer, and best luxury furniture by Ranch and Coast Magazine. Kern & Co. offers full-service interior design and a wide range of curated brands, custom furniture, tailor-made window treatments, lighting, rugs, and accessories to transform any home. Susan and her team create the house of your dreams from the ground up with personalized designs for tile, cabinetry, lighting, fireplace, and much more. Susan leads the way incorporating architectural planning and great design, delivering on the promise of the luxurious California lifestyle and home you never thought possible. The team at Kern & Co. speaks English, Spanish, and Chinese.





Interview by Andrew Joseph for Aspire Design and Home

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