His and Hers Closet Organization: Design Ideas for Master Closet

His and Hers Closet Organization: Design Ideas for Master Closet

Designing a custom master closet takes a lot of time and planning. You must think of the space and the clients personal lifestyle. To design a closet truly custom to fit the client’s needs, Susan asks some important questions that will determine how the closet will be designed.

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  1. What does your wardrobe consist of?

When designing a custom closet you must think of what the client has. Do they need a large section for dresses or Jackets? Knowing this will help determine how many full length hang you will need and how many double hang you will need. This will also be the time to ask how do you like to keep your clothes. For example, some people prefer to fold their jeans while others prefer to hang. It is important to know what the client prefers so you can design a space that is ideal for them.

  1. How many handbags do you have?

Who doesn’t love a good handbag display. When designing closets Susan always asks the clients how many handbags they have. What sizes are the handbags. Now you don’t need to know every size of the bag but you definitely want to know the size of the biggest bag and roughly how many are there that size. This is important when designing the cubbies for the bags to live in. You want to make sure they are large enough for the big bags so they can be displayed and stored nicely.


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  1. How many shoes do you have?

Shoes are an important factor to consider when designing a master closet. How many shoes does the client have. What types of shoes do they have. Do they have mostly stilettos? If so what is the highest heel they have. Do they have lots of boots? These are all the important questions to consider when designing a shoe wall.

  1. What does your jewelry and accessory section consist of?

Most overlook this when designing a master closet but Susan believes it is an important factor. Knowing if the client will want to display their jewelry will play a role in the design. If you want a display for jewelry and accessories a space will have to be cleverly designed with storage to accomadate.

  1. Will you be sharing the space or will we create a His & Hers?

The most important question that should never be forgotten. Will the client share the closet or will they have separate closets. His & Her closets are extremely popular especially when building a custom dream home. However, not all spaces allow for two closets. Knowing if the client will be sharing the space and how they want to organize the his and hers closet will help design the closet to fit the client’s needs.


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