Christmas Holiday Decor



An elegant Christmas tree is what we all desire to have. Susan Spath brings her tree to life through her eye for detail and design. Here is how she does it. First are the lights, Susan prefers classic warm white lights to compliment the sparkle of the ordainments. After the tree is lit she begins unpacking her personal collection of Jay Strongwater ornaments that get spread evenly throughout the tree. Susan has been collecting Jay Strongwater ornaments for years allowing her to create a tree that is as special as it gets. After all of the Jay Strongwater ornaments have been hung, she then hangs the ornaments her family has collected over the years. The blend of ornaments creates a perfect balance as she strategically places them on the tree. Her collection always growing, she has not stopped the tradition of collecting beautiful ornaments every year. Once the tree is lit and decorated she puts on her tree skirt, always switching it up from the years before. This year she went with a faux fur White skirt topped with a camel color beaded skirt. Now the tree is ready for gifts! Susan loves making her gifts beautiful, her wrapping always matching her decor. Her presentation is always beautiful. Susan’s Christmas traditions and her love for decor make her home elegant and beautiful for the holiday seasons.




Susan’s Christmas decor does not stop just there. She goes all out decorating her dining room, entry console, living room mantel, and kitchen. Her dining room mantel has colorful holly flowing off the edges. The dining table is set for Christmas dinner using gorgeous flatware and luxurious linens. Her living room mantel is always a site to see, with fresh flowers, garland and stockings. Her kitchen is decorated with pastry and Christmas cookie filled dishes and stands, gingerbread houses, elves, botanicals and more! Her home fully decorated, its time to enjoy the decorations with friends and family.

Susan and all of us at Kern & co. are wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

If your in need of some last minute gifts stop by our Solana Beach showroom today!We are sure to have something great for your loved ones or spoil your loved ones with a gift certificate. We hope to see you soon.



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