Building Your Custom Dream Home With Kern & Co.


Interior Designer Susan Spath is most sought after for her design expertise by those looking to build a dream home from the ground up. Susan approaches each project with the goal of creating the ideal home for a client, customizing every minor detail to mirror the client’s lifestyle. Her approach is fully customized, keeping the home value in mind by guiding design choices in a direction that builds value into the property for the future. Susan meticulously reviews each detail of the home plans to find ways of improving the flow of the floor plan as well as finding ways to make the space more appealing, going beyond the floor plan layout to the overall beauty of the home. Continue reading to explore how to build your dream home from start to finish.



The first step in starting the design process for a ground-up build is getting to know the client. Susan takes time to understand the lifestyle, needs, wants, and client’s style to prepare a personalized plan. Next, it is time to let the plan drafting begin. With the client’s dream home in mind, Susan carefully draws the floor plans. Working to get plans approved and permits by the city, Susan starts going over the plan with the builder to get the ball rolling.

Once the plans are approved by the city and the permits have been attained the grading begins. While the home building process is underway, it is time to get materials together, lighting plans, etc. At the office, Susan and her team are hard at work designing every inch of the home selecting slabs, tile, flooring, cabinetry, and more. Through this process renderings of rooms are made to give the client a visual of how the materials will look all together and illuminating Susan’s vision.


After all the building materials have been chosen it is time for some fun, the high-end furniture, and décor! Keeping the home design in mind, Susan creates custom window treatments, selects textiles, furniture, and more to complement the home perfectly. Susan and her team go after every inch of your home from the bedding to the silverware. The idea is to have the home completely ready, so all the clients have to do is move their clothes in. Glassware, dishes, silverware, linens, towels, and more all put away nicely and ready for use. Having Susan and Kern & Co. design your dream home is not just a service but a lifestyle, offering every bit of help to create that luxury lifestyle. When Susan says she does it all, she really does mean it.

Finally, it is time for the clients to move into their dream home. The joy it brings Susan when she delivers on her promise of a beautiful custom dream home to her client is priceless. There are always tears of happiness and disbelief that their dream home is real.

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