Backyard Design Ideas

Summer Backyard Design Ideas

Summer is just around the corner. It is time to bring those summer backyard design ideas to life. Whether it’s that summer garden you have been dreaming of or the ultimate outdoor party hosting backyard. Follow along as we explore the many ways to make your backyard dreams come to life.


When it comes to the ultimate summer backyard design there are many factors that go into it. When it comes to a backyard, we always consider how the client lives. Understanding how a space will be used is the most important aspect in designing custom homes. Does the client like to host large outdoor events? Does the client have young kids? Does the client have pets? All these questions are crucial to designing the perfect backyard space.


First let’s look at the landscape. The landscape of a home is very important and should never be forgotten. Landscaping is a great way to add privacy to your backyard. You can achieve this by planting hedges such as Podocarpus, Ficus, Cypress, Boxwood and much more. Adding hedges around the perimeter of your property adds value and creates the ideal backyard space. Some other backyard landscaping ideas include veggies gardens, rose gardens, lemon trees, and planting bushes and flowers. There are endless amount of landscaping ideas.


Next let’s look at the composition of the backyard. What does your backyard have to offer? Do you have stunning views or an inviting pool? Whatever they may be, it is an important part of the design of your backyard. For example, if your backyard has a beautiful view you want to face your furniture so when you look out you are enjoying your view. Create your backyard design around the elements that make your backyard fabulous.


Gather Around the Fire

Finally, the firepit. What better way to end a summer day then sitting around the firepit in the comfort of your backyard. A firepit is great for hosting. Your guest can cuddle around the firepit with good conversations and company. There is something about the light and warmth it brings that is just so comforting and relaxing. There really isn’t anything to compare.

Get ready for a ton of summer backyard fun. With these backyard design ideas you are sure to impress your guest.

For more backyard design ideas or to get started creating your own dream backyard, view our portfolios or contact the experts at Kern & Company to get started.


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