7 Budgeting Mistakes You’re Probably Making – Architectural Digest

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7 Budgeting Mistakes You’re Probably Making – Architectural Digest

7 Budgeting Mistakes You’re Probably Making

There’s more to being an interior designer than dreaming up a beautiful home for your clients: You also must source the perfect pieces, enlist the right vendors and contractors, and execute a well-planned schedule—all while being mindful of the client’s resources. Check out these interior design budgeting mistakes you should avoid.


Mistake 4: Ordering the bare minimum of key materials

Regardless of how meticulously you’ve planned your project, things outside of your control are bound to go wrong during install day. (Wallpaper repeats can be misprinted, dainty tiles can break, and decorative hardware can get dented.) Instead of buying the bare minimum—only to spend a small fortune replacing damaged materials—Susan Spath of Kern & Co. encourages designers to budget for excess materials. For example, she always adds an extra 10% square feet when ordering tiles. “The installer may need extra tile later on in the job for certain cuts depending on the layout [and other factors],” the designer explains. “This way, the client is not surprised with an additional increase in price.”

If you don’t end up needing that overage, Spath says you can come in under budget, a phrase that both designers and clients love to hear.


Written by Kelsey Mulvey for Architectural Digest

Image by Lizzie Soufleris

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Need help with your interior design project or more interior design budgeting tips? Contact Susan Spath and the design team at Kern & Co. or browse our interior design portfolios.


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