5 Luxury Home & Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Warm nights and cool summer breezes mean it’s time for some outdoor entertaining! Or at the very least, taking some time to enjoy your outdoor living space. With the right design and décor, you can transform your backyard, patio, or veranda into the beautiful sanctuary you deserve. 

Keep reading as we share some of our favorite luxury home backyard landscaping ideas for lighting, and more.

Luxury Backyard Landscaping Essentials

Gorgeous Fire Pit

What’s better than cozying up to a warm and glowing fire pit after the sun goes down? Whether you’re spending intimate time with your partner or entertaining a group, there’s nothing quite like it. A beautiful fire pit can transform your backyard into a luxury oasis, allowing you to take a break from everyday life. 

Plus, there are so many styles and looks you can choose from, from ultra-modern to super high-tech to even rustic backyard fire pits. 

Pair with built-in seating, Bluetooth speakers, and lights you can control with your smartphone for an ultra-luxurious ambiance.

Note: just make sure you’re setting up your fire pit safely! You’ll need a nonflammable and non-grass surface to place it on.


Intentional Lighting

When you’re entertaining outside, especially for dinners or if drinks are flowing, you’ll need adequate lighting—not only for ambiance but for safety!

Again, there are several options you can choose from depending on the style and look you’re aiming for. 

Here are a few outdoor lighting ideas to consider:


Path Lighting

Path lighting is a must if you or your guests have to walk more than a few steps to get from your home to your outdoor space. The right lighting will help you navigate once the sun goes down, as well as highlight your decor and nearby landscaping. Lighting designs like these serve as the perfect accessories for a luxurious backyard. 


String Lighting

String lighting is a popular choice for many restaurants with outdoor seating and can work just as perfectly in your backyard. You can string them across the eaves of your home, the posts on your gazebo, the beams on your porch, or even on nearby trees. Hang one (or many!) for soft, romantic lighting.

Tip: look for string lights that are waterproof and either rechargeable or solar-powered so you don’t end up with unsightly extension cords all over your backyard!


Lanterns & Sconces

A well-lit home exterior is important for safety, but it’s also a way to add some pops of personality and luxury, such as with soft lanterns and sconces. You can place these next to windows, arches, or beams to highlight all the architectural design details of your home’s exterior, or next to your garden and other landscaping to spotlight these beautiful elements.

If you don’t want to affix a light to a wall, you can select pathway lighting at ground level, or gorgeous table lanterns at eye level for a soft glow. These kinds of lanterns will typically have a translucent covering to diffuse the light, so they’re not as bright as the ones you would attach on the wall.

Tip: you can also use your lighting to highlight your seasonal decor throughout the year.


Charming Landscaping

A luxury backyard design wouldn’t be complete without some charming, showstopping landscaping, as well! Think of the exterior of your home like the final touch, in the same way that the right accessories can make or break an outfit. 

Some ideas for elevating your exterior include:

  • lush grass
  • a romantic rose garden
  • a “zero-scaping” look
  • topiaries or shrubs along the perimeter of your home (great for adding privacy, as well) 
  • decorative planters and pots
  • stone or gravel paths



Quality Outdoor Furniture & Extras

Of course, your backyard needs more than just light—luxury furnishings are a must. You’ll need somewhere to sit and relax, ideally with pieces that combine both style and function

To find the outdoor furniture that’s right for you, first think about how you’ll be using the space. If you know you’ll be hosting large dinner parties you may want a large dining table and plenty of seating. One idea is to use a long bench on one side of the dining table and dining chairs on the other side. 

If you’re hosting the post-dinner cocktails, a cozy outdoor sofa might be perfect for you. A variety of seating options, especially if you’ll have guests of all ages, is key. 

And if it will be just you enjoying the warm summer afternoons with a glass of wine in hand, a well-made hammock or suspended chair can be lovely.

Tip: when selecting your outdoor layout, keep function at the top of your mind. For example, you may want your table to be within easy reach of your backyard bar and grill set up, for easy serving.


Design with Kern & Co

You’ve got some ideas, now let’s bring them to life! Susan and her team are ready to work with you to design your dream backyard that you can enjoy for years to come. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project and find out how we can help.

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