4 Things You Need to Host a Classic Dinner Party

Whether you’re having family, friends, or coworkers over to your house, hosting a classic dinner party is a perfect opportunity to socialize and make memories. To make a positive impression that will last and ensure that your party goes off without a hitch, you’ll need to plan ahead. From seating arrangements to create the perfect menu, you won’t want to miss any details. Here are four things you need for a classic dinner party and how to be a memorable host.


1. Choose the Right Dinner Party Theme 

After you’ve squared away the guest list, sent out the invitations, and received all of your excited RSVPs, the next step is to decide what kind of atmosphere you’d like to establish for the evening. A themed dinner party can be an exciting affair and it will greatly influence the menu as well as any decor you’ll need. The importance of interior design cannot be overlooked when it comes to finding inspiration for centerpieces and selecting the appropriate color scheme for the evening. You should also be sure to consider the season when deciding on a theme. For example, a New England style crab boil will be a hit in the summer and a harvest feast will be ideal in the cozy fall weather.


2. Decide on a Classic Dinner Party Menu

The themed dinner menu is the main feature of the dinner party, which means this is where you’ll really want to impress your guests. You can build your menu from the theme of the dinner party or choose meals based on which foods are in season and will be the freshest. Select your dishes carefully to take the party on a well-guided flavor tour and consider which order you will present them in. A classic dinner party usually consists of a soup or salad to start, the main dish, two sides, and a dessert. Remember that dinner parties are about conversating and having a good time, so don’t overcomplicate the meal to the point of feeling overwhelmed. 


3. Make Sure You Have Ample Seating with High-Quality Furniture Brands

Since dinner parties are traditionally hosted in the dining room, you should pay special attention to this space to make sure guests feel comfortable throughout the evening. High-quality furniture brands, like Baccarat, Hickory White, and Maitland Smith, craft stylish pieces that will take any room to the next level. From gorgeous wood tables to luxurious seating options made with the finest textiles and leathers, these high-end brands will make sure your guests remember your dinner party for years to come.



4. Set the Table

The final element to prepare before your guests arrive is the table. A centerpiece for the dining room table can be a great conversation starter, but make sure the centerpiece is below eye level so your guests can talk with ease. A few candles or a vase with freshly cut flowers will create the perfect ambiance. As for the silverware and dishes, think of these as the frame for your meal and select dinnerware that will match the theme of your party to create a cohesive aesthetic. Another great dinner party tip is that cloth napkins are an easy way to quickly dress up any table setting


With a little bit of planning and a lot of excitement, you can host a dinner party that will leave your guests in awe! If you’re wondering how to host a dinner party or need help selecting a timeless dining room set with modern or traditional interior design, our experienced team at Kern & Co. is happy to help!


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