27 Stylish and Functional Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas – The Spruce


27 Stylish and Functional Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas – The Spruce

27 Stylish and Functional Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas – The Spruce


Outdoor cooking is a primal pleasure that recalls childhood campfires and simpler times. As the best chefs know, you don’t need a lot of space to create a gourmet meal. If you are lucky enough to have any amount of outdoor space, creating an open air kitchen can turn the routine of cooking meals into an opportunity to dine al fresco under the blue skies or the stars.

Whether it’s a compact outdoor grill or griddle station or a fully equipped mini kitchen, check out these compact outdoor kitchens that are as functional as they are stylish.



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Small White Outdoor Kitchen

This white and bright outdoor kitchen from Kern & Co. has a grill, sink, and plenty of refrigerated food and pantry storage. Tucked neatly into the corner and built to mimic the privacy wall, it blends in seamlessly with the backyard.


What is the least expensive way to build an outdoor kitchen? 

The least expensive way to build an outdoor kitchen is to do it yourself, assuming that you have the skills and the time. Keep in mind that building a large outdoor kitchen is a major project that often requires permitting for gas and electrical lines and other requirements. A smaller, simpler, and less expensive outdoor kitchen can be set up around a grill or a wood-fired pizza oven.


Is an outdoor kitchen a good investment? 

Assuming that you keep your outdoor kitchen updated and well maintained so that it is in good working condition, it can increase the value of your home by between 60% and 100% of the money you spent building it, according to Angi.1


What are the disadvantages of outdoor kitchens?

While it’s easy to appreciate the benefits of an outdoor kitchen, it can also come with downsides. Building an outdoor kitchen requires space and up front costs; requires extra maintenance and weather-proofing to keep it clean and protected from the elements; and may have limited use depending on the climate where you live.



Written by Kristen Honadel for The Spruce
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