2020 Bathroom Design Trends

Whether it’s for your guest bathroom or your gorgeous master bath, creating a beautiful bathroom or powder room can do wonders for your mood and set the tone for your day. 

With the design trends we’re seeing this year, designing your bathroom is also the perfect opportunity to embrace your inner wild child and play up your personality. Since your bathroom is a smaller space, and one you don’t typically spend a ton of time in throughout the day, it’s an area that you can feel free to experiment with. A luxurious bathroom can toe the line with intricate tiling, creative lighting options, and other elements that are sure to make an impression. 

Below, we’ll review some of the best interior inspiration, including the latest bathroom design trends of 2020 we love.


Bold and Black

Neutral grays and greiges have been a popular choice throughout homes the past few years, and we’re just now seeing a switch to other colors. This progression should follow suit with your bathroom.

We’re seeing a lot of black-and-white palettes, especially in light fixtures, vanities, and mirrors. Feeling especially bold? A black freestanding soaking tub can add a sense of luxury and act as a focal point of your bathroom, especially when matched with beautiful brass fixtures. We especially love matte black, which is low-maintenance. A black statement wall is another option, which provides some depth and can make the room feel larger.

If a black tub or statement is too bold for you, consider dipping your toe in the trend with a black-and-white photo or well-curated artwork to give the space a nice accent. 


Dramatic Luxury

We love creating a mood that’s unexpected and delightful through beautiful focal points and dramatic-but-tasteful elements. Another way you can add drama in your bathroom—or at least some visual appeal—is through your walls. Instead of going with all-white palettes, we’re seeing trends of intricate and colorful wallpaper. Wainscotting is also becoming more popular, as are accent walls, such as in this California luxury design home. A black accent wall, continuing with the black-and-bold trend, provides some depth and can make the room feel larger. 

Other 2020 trends we’re seeing include partially-tiled walls instead of the full wall and even an unexpected chandelier to provide a gorgeous focal point.


Organic Undertones

Black too bold for you? Consider soft and organic colors that complement silver or brass fixtures, which is another popular interior design idea for 2020. Think earthy tone and stones with warmer undertones, like travertine and limestone instead of all-white marble. Also, don’t be afraid to select rich or unusual marble patterns, like Zebrino or Paonazzo. These styles can add some flair and personality to your bathroom.

powder room


Tech-Friendly, “Smart” Bathrooms

Luxury often means the best and brightest when it comes to technology, so expect nothing less from your bathroom! This can include “smart” toilets (including seat warmers and built-in deodorizers), hidden USB chargers for all of your devices, voice-activated lighting and temperatures, heated floors, motorized drapes and even “smart” showers that conserve water and connect to app-controlled music. 


Soaking Tubs

Soaking tubs will never go out of style, and it’s no secret this is one of our favorite interior design ideas. They’re a great investment and a way to truly relax at the end of the day. A freestanding soaking tub truly elevates the space. 

From clawfoot to copper to stone resin, you can select a style that fits your vibe, whether you’re more traditional or more art deco. You can also find more unique and unexpected tub shapes, beyond the usual oval and pill-shaped styles, for a modern alternative. We also love a well-placed statement light above the tub to add a fabulous focal point. 


Interesting Tiles and Textures

Subway tile, it’s time to move aside. For some beautiful interior design inspiration, we love the look of unique and interesting shapes and patterns, like chevron, herringbone, or an Art-Deco-inspired basketweave. You can also mix-and-match displays or select multi-patterned tiles for even more visual interest. We love the idea of incorporating shiny or jewel-tone colors here, which can add a touch of regalness to your bathroom. Let your tilework take center-stage!


Add Color With Plants

If you’re sticking with a neutral color palette, consider incorporating some color with live (or faux) greenery, which can give a sense of life to your bathroom and add to the relaxing vibe. Select any plants that thrive in low light and high humidity, keeping in mind that your bathroom will get warm. Wonderful options include fiddle leaf figs, orchids, and snake plants, which also filter indoor air pollution. Another idea is to incorporate a wall of moss or other plants, creating a beautiful cocoon of nature as you relax in your tub.


Hidden Storage

Finally, another popular trend is adding hidden storage throughout your bathroom to make it more practical and functional. Think specialized compartments within the vanity, cabinets flush against the walls, or even a pull-out stool so you can sit down and relax during your morning routine. Moreover, these storage options should be customized for your lifestyle and needs. The world is your oyster here, and you’ll enjoy your bathroom even more when it’s specifically catered to you.


Let Us Beautify Your Space

Ready to turn your bathroom into the perfect oasis? We’re here to help with all of your luxury interior design needs. Contact us today to discuss your project. 

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