20 Office Storage Ideas to Keep Your Home Workspace Pristine – The Spruce


20 Office Storage Ideas to Keep Your Home Workspace Pristine – The Spruce

20 Office Storage Ideas to Keep Your Home Workspace Pristine – The Spruce



The fun part of working from home is having the freedom to add personal decor touches to your workspace. But without proper storage for all of those office supplies, paper files, and tools of your particular trade, your home office decor scheme can be wrecked by clutter. The good news is that there are plenty of options for staying on top of your home office storage while complementing and even enhancing your decor.

From choosing the right furniture to sourcing accessories that will help keep things tidy and organized, check out these clever office storage ideas to help you get your home office workspace in order.



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Hide Everything

If space and budget is no option, turn your home office into a clutter-free oasis by adding tall wardrobes to the space where you can hide everything, like this light neutral-toned home office haven from Kern & Co.


How do you create storage in a small office?

You can add storage to a small home office by choosing a desk with built-in drawers for office supplies and paper files, or a wall-mounted desk with built-in shelving to store books and stylish bins. You can create small office storage by repurposing a credenza or buffet that will provide a mix of closed and open storage.

Maximize wall space by installing a pegboard shelf or hanging open shelving, add a tiered rolling cart, a stylish filing cabinet, or optimize existing shelf space with accessories such as woven baskets or plastic storage bins.

How do you organize office storage?

When organizing storage in your home office, be sure to keep the items you reach for everyday within arm’s length while keeping your desk clear enough so that you can focus on work. Depending on the tools you need or like to have, this can mean organizing a storage drawer with office supplies or choosing a stylish desk organizer. Store lesser used items, paper files, and back-up supplies out of sight in a filing cabinet or storage closet.


Written by: Kristen Hohenadel for The Spruce
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