19 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas—From Artificial Turf to Xeriscaping – Architectural Digest


19 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas—From Artificial Turf to Xeriscaping – Architectural Digest

19 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas—From Artificial Turf to Xeriscaping – Architectural Digest



Spend your weekend relaxing, not sweating with gardening tools, thanks to these low-maintenance landscaping tips



When it comes to your landscape design and backyard ideas, work smarter, not harder with low-maintenance landscaping. “A traditional American lawn takes tons of maintenance and water and doesn’t really attract any wildlife,” says Camille Cimino, a Los Angeles–based landscape architect at Nature of Things, a firm specializing in low-maintenance, drought-tolerant designs. Luckily, a beautiful landscape design with undeniable curb appeal doesn’t have to be synonymous with hours of backbreaking lawn care and upkeep.

“I create spaces that are low-water and low-maintenance,” Cimino says. “But also lush, diverse, and seasonally stacked to have different things blooming around the perimeter all year long.” You really can have it all. If you’re planning to revamp your yard anytime soon, know that with a little planning and preparation, you can ditch the mowing, weeding, and watering and thrive in a hassle-free outdoor living space.


How do I start a low-maintenance garden?

The simplest way to start a low-maintenance garden is to only include elements that will be easy to care for and use little water. Start by thinking about your lawn: Will you opt for gravel or mulch in place of a carpet-like turf? Should you add hardscape elements, like these retaining wall ideas, that don’t require extra cutting or pruning? Once you’ve made a game plan, research low-maintenance and native plants that grow well in your area. As you narrow down the list to hassle-free contenders, dig deeper by researching if specific plants are particularly well-suited for your region and your existing landscaping. This step will make the growing season practically maintenance-free.


How do I create an inexpensive low-maintenance yard?

The great thing about low-maintenance landscaping is that it can be low-impact on your wallet too. There are many ways to create the look you want on the cheap, and perhaps even for free! Score free plants by joining local gardening groups either in person or online through a platform like Facebook or Nextdoor. It is not uncommon for gardeners to end up with a surplus of plants, particularly after they thin out their overgrown perennials to keep their gardens healthy. Look out for these types of posts in early spring and fall when gardeners start splitting vegetation. Additionally, plant swaps have become a great way for home gardeners to add variety on the cheap.

Utilizing large grasses and adding in ground cover plants, will also keep your landscaping budget low. These plants take up space, expanding to fill in garden holes. In essence, doing some of the work for you!


Low-maintenance landscaping ideas

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Create easy-care flower beds

Pack your plant beds as tightly as possible to escape the weeding grind while enjoying pretty flowers, Yost recommends. “Although not a foolproof method, it will reduce the frequency of both weeding and mulching,” she says. Bonus: DIY garden beds give your landscaping a colorful jolt with less work.


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