The Importance of Home Garden Design


Imagine a farmhouse window opening to an endless home garden, filled with fruit trees and vegetables. Smell the fresh herbs and veggies as they grow and bloom. Pick fruit straight from the vine. An organic garden offers the very best produce. There is nothing better than a home-grown strawberry. Enjoy the beauty of color, unique shapes, and the most delicious homegrown produce.

A home garden serves many purposes, and no detail should be left to chance. With so many benefits it is no wonder home gardens have become increasingly popular.   The rewards are priceless when you consider all the health & environmental benefits that come with it, as well as how gorgeous a home garden is to gaze upon.





Home gardens offer a relaxing, calming space to unwind giving your mind a much-needed reprieve from the busy lifestyles of today. Being surrounded by beautiful plants and herbs, instantly put you in a relaxing mood. Gardens have been used for many years as a holistic approach to alleviating stress and clearing the mind while making room for more positive thoughts. Gardens are not only great for balancing mental health but also physical health and overall wellbeing. Gardening requires a bit of exercise and in doing so it is sure to have a meaningful impact on your life. Gardening is very therapeutic as well as rewarding. Watch your hard work and dedication grow right before your eyes seeing the day-to-day changes from seedlings into mature plants.




The environmental benefits of home gardens are endless.  Gardens are going beyond health benefits by being environmentally friendly. Growing your own food means you are in control of the chemicals and products used to grow the plants. Staying away from chemicals is great for the environment and great for you.  It is an opportunity to reduce your environmental footprint by saving your body and earth both from harsh chemicals. Plants naturally clean the air we breathe and provide us will a healthier environment.





With the health and environmental benefits gardens offer it seems most of us will want a home garden if we have the space for it. Let’ discuss the importance of a good garden design. Many factors must be taken into account, for example, choosing the best location for your new garden, is there enough sunlight? Is it on a slope? Will it need protection from wildlife, bunnies etc.? If you start your garden without addressing these key issues you may be disappointed if your plants do not grow as expected or if the local wildlife enjoys the harvest before you do! It is also important to think of how it will look. Will you choose veggie boxes or a rose garden? It is important to have a well-thought-out plan that will meet all your needs.

There is just nothing quite like a beautifully designed home garden. Gardens are beautiful and enrich our lives while adding value to a property, the looks, the smells, and all the energy that nature brings are just a few of the rewards. Whether you are looking for inspiration, or ready to get started, designer Susan Spath and her team at Kern & Co. are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to discuss!


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