San Diego Interior Designer Susan Spath


Deserving accolades for its uniqueness in style and high level of professionalism, the interior design division of Kern & Co. is headed by Susan Spath, she takes clients to a whole new level of sophistication by incorporating the richness of many cultures into memorable and finely orchestrated interiors.

Susan specializes in large home full scale interior design. Her unique style is well sought after and is in demand. She is an expert in revamping, fine tuning, and creating sophisticated and eclectic California lifestyles.

Susan meets with the architect and builder early on to collaborate on home projects. She works closely with clients to develop a unique home specifying all plumbing, appliance, tile selection, interior doors, hardware, flooring, exterior/interior lighting and all other aspects in addition to furnishing the homes.


Susan Spath has owned Kern & Co. since 1994. Upon purchasing the store she relocated to Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach which in turn initiated a move towards the Cedros Design District that we know today. Her work has been published on numerous occasions.

With a retail store that is recognized far and wide for consistently offering one of the most exotic, elaborate and diverse collections of home furnishings from around the world, Kern & Co. magnificently presents an extensive collection of hand-selected fine hardwood floors, sofas, lamps, and accessories from Europe, North America, South America, Indonesia, Africa, and the Far East.

Kern & Co. is located in the heart of the Cedros Design District at 130 S Cedros Avenue, Suite 100, Solana Beach.

For more information or a private consultation please call 858-792-7722.